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Boating Victoria Boat Ramp Cams / Weather Details:


Australian Coast Guard:

Australian Fishing Network:


Fish Ranger:

Western Port 14 day Weather Forecast:

Hasting Tides:

Port Phillip 14 day Weather Forecast:

Carrum Tides:

Port of Melbourne:

Sea breeze Melbourne:

Bay Wind:


Accuweather Melbourne:

Weather Zone Australia:

Portland 14 day Weather Forecast:

Portland Tides:

VR Fish:

Metropolitan Anglers Association:

DEPI Fishing Clubs & Associations:

Transport Safety Victoria:

NSW Roads and Marine:

OZ Fish TV:

I Fish TV :

Tackleworld Cranbourne Fishing Reports:

Clubs of Australia:

Fishing Victoria Forum:

Future Fish:

Fish Track:

Gippsland Ports:

Fishing Knots: 



Willy Weather:



PR Knot:

GT Knot (rated by IGFA as the strongest Braid to Leader Knot retaining 100% strength):

GT Knot (another example) :

Daiwa Sokkou Knot Tool:

FG Knot:

Simplest way to tie the FG Knot:

Coastguard’s Monitoring Application Safe Trx: Denver Colorado US ( A US based guide to catching and cooking fish) :

Marine Safety Victoria Inflatable Buoyancy Vest Self Inspection Video Guide:

Kiwi Dropper Loop: