Hastings Boat Ramp is Open Again.

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After 124 days of closure (34 days (or 38%) longer than projected) the Hastings Boat Ramp is again finally open!

Mornington Peninsula Shire Cerberus Ward Councillor Lisa Dixon joined Minister for Fishing and Boating Melissa Horne today to celebrate the completion and opening of the upgraded Hastings Boat Ramp.

In partnership with Better Boating Victoria and Mornington Peninsula Shire, the $1.6m project started in July 2020 delivering a four ramp facility extending deeper into the bay than the previous structure.

The newly constructed boat ramp will provide a modern facility with all-tide access to Westernport Bay.

Currently during lower than average low tides, due care must be taken as the channel between the ramp and the main channel can be very shallow.

All-tide access for the channel can be expected once the dredging works are complete in mid-2021. These stage two works will be timed to reduce the impact on people using the newly upgraded boat ramp. 

For further information about the Hastings Boat Ramp visit https://www.mornpen.vic.gov.au/About-Us/Major-Projects/Hastings-Boat-Ramp-Upgrade.

For further information about Better Boating Victoria visit betterboating.vic.gov.au.

Happy boating!!